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The Imperial Brewery as it looked in 2004 when grain silos from the flour mill operation were still intact.
In 2005, grain silos were removed from the original Imperial Brewery building structure.
As pictured in 2010, presence of the Seaboard Milling operation remained, while traces of the original brewery had long vanished. Pictured is a riveted pressure vessel tank for the steam/boiler system.
Large wheels that turned enormous belts as part of the steam-driven pulley and shaft system remained mounted throughout the building.
Spare belts utilized in the building’s steam/boiler power system.
Long rows of sifting equipment and a tangled maze of pipes sat dormant since the closing of the mill operation.
A worker provides tension from below as plasma cutters begin removal of wheel and shaft assemblies.
A worker assists a crane operator with removal of a salvaged bin from the roof.
A hopper is raised, filled with scrap metals and lowered to the ground where it is sorted into various salvage containers.
Workers begin disassembling the milling equipment with plasma cutters.
Steel and cast iron materials are sorted and separated into containers outside the building.
Nearly 1 million pounds of scrap metal will be removed from the Imperial Brewery after removal of the mill operation.
Milling equipment partially disassembled.
Workers transport grinder mill rollers to an opening in the building and apply chains for lowering to the ground.
The 500-pound roller is carefully lifted by the lull through the opening.
The lull places the mill roller on the ground.
The lull assists in removal of an evaporative cooling tower from the roof.
Oh, there was a lot of milling equipment to remove!
Every steel milling roller weighed about 500 pounds. Ugh!
The old boiler in the power house.
Halfway there on this floor. This steel has to be cut into pieces.
A big crane, a heavy piece and a long way up!
Such a beautiful building. Northeast upper side.
Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
Careful now!
As equipment and debris are removed, the framework of the original building emerges.
Rooms once cluttered with the maze of pipes and equipment give way to spacious ceiling heights. Blocks are placed over floor openings where belts and tubes once penetrated.
Returning these big arched windows to their original design will be fun!
Don't you just love trains?
A higher floor in the building.
These windows are really huge.
First floor, tall ceilings, big columns and beams.
Look how thick this wall is!
A really long floor.
Everybody sees this building! What a history!
Floor with 19-foot ceilings and balcony mezzanine.
Cleared out floor with original window openings.
This building is "stout"... pun intended!
The views are awesome! There used to be a 6,000 pound motor up on the platform by the arched window.
19-foot ceilings. Many columns have ornate crowns.
The tip top.
Top floor of the southwest tower.
What a view from the penthouse!
New 2013 custom spiral stairs access the top two floors.
Looking up to the penthouse.
Safety first!
We cleared out a lot of the charred wood from the December 2012 fire damage.
This new spiral staircase is 27 feet tall to the penthouse. There was a huge two- story tall hopper in this room.

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