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What is the current historical status of the Imperial Brewery?
The Imperial Brewing Company Brewery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 11, 2011. Dean Realty Co., owner, is presently exploring development options for the site that could include joint ventures and other exciting collaborations.

What is the present condition of the building?
Sold to a milling company in 1919, the Brewery building most recently featured the workings of a flour mill rather than Brewery. Old sifters, intricate conveyor systems and mill equipment have been removed throughout the building.

Do you offer tours of the building?
Unfortunately, taggers and vandals have taken a toll on the historic elements of the old Brewery inside and out. There is no trespassing presently allowed in or near the Brewery building or stable building.

Who would I contact for additional information about the Imperial Brewery?
Please contact Jeremiah Dean or Larry McMillin at 816.531.0800.

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For information contact Jeremiah Dean or Larry McMillin at 816.531.0800.

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